A few tips about registering:

  • Usename cannot be changed. Potential contributors take note: Since Usename becomes part of the Author Page, be sure to give it the name or word that you want to become part of your author URL. (You can select something else for a display name.) The URL of your author page will be http://iflit.net + author + usename. It is also accessible at Usename.IFlit.net
  • Do not use your e-mail address as your Usename, for the reason given above.
  • When first you register, all you really need to add is Usename, e-mail address and password. If you plan to become a contributor, you may wish to add social links and bio.
  • Remember that Profile details are used extensively in building the Author Page and Author Box.
  • Check the Do Not Display E-mail button if you wish to keep your e-mail address private. I suggest that you do.
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