Sarah Mankowski

Born and raised in Central Florida, Sarah has called the Space Coast home for the past thirty years. When not writing, she enjoys edible landscaping and butterfly gardening, photography, natural history and technology. She and husband Don share a book-cluttered little home with two lazy old black cats named Kali and Reason.

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Sarah Mankowski

Sarah Mankowski: Author Interview

Sarah Mankowski is the author of Echo’s Voice and the Phantomworlds series. She is the owner of WordThunder Publications and ...
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My Summers With Nancy: A Review

My Summers With Nancy By Ava Lee Holly $2.99 Kindle Edition An IFLit Review by Sarah Mankowski My Summers With Nancy is a small book, a scant 37 pages in print. The story is a simple one. It tells how a teenage girl, herself legally blind, befriends and teaches a younger girl with multiple disabilities. This is a true story. The story takes place in 1945. World War II is ending. Ava Lee is returning to the school for the blind for a new school year. While waiting in line for dental checkups, she meets and comforts a frightened ten-year-old

January 26, 2016 All IFLit, Book Review

What I Learned in Oxford: A Review

What I Learned in Oxford By Miriam Marston $5.99 (Kindle Edition) An IFLit review by Sarah Mankowski I cannot write an unbiased review of Miriam Marston’s What I Learn in Oxford. At the time of the reading, I was already in love with her album The Luggage of an Optimist. Her beautiful voice and thoughtful lyrics resonate with every listen, anew. The album was inspired by the works of G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis. Miriam’s story of two years living in Oxford, England provided a better understanding of the background to some of the lyrics. Finding herself at loose ends,

January 22, 2016 All IFLit, Book Review

The Dragon of Tarileel – A Phantomworlds’ Short Story

The Dragon of Tarileel is a Phantomworlds short story that takes place about eight years before The Misfits of Kiftre Deep. At this time, Ambassador Admorc is fighting to rescue from the phantoms, a primitive planet called Tarileel. © Sarah Mankowski The Tyrannosaurus rex menaced forward, stretched wide its powerful jaws and bellowed. Young Nychols strained his neck, eyes wide with wonder. He started counting rapidly, determined to know the exact number of bone-crushing teeth. Powerful jaws snapped shut. The virtual dinosaur vanished. “Repeat!” the boy demanded. At eight Earth-years of age, Nychols could recite the names and habits of

Sarah Mankowski: Author Interview

Sarah Mankowski is the author of Echo’s Voice and the Phantomworlds series. She is the owner of WordThunder Publications and The following interview was created using the interview template designed for IFLit contributors. Tell us about your current project, Sarah. Currently, I am developing a science fiction series called Phantomworlds. Actually, this project began with a stand-alone novel called The Warrior Clans of Tranquille. That story is about the descendants of a group of settlers marooned on a primitive planet called Tranquille. The survivors leave some helpful hints about forming a harmonious society for their descendants. Unfortunately, language has

December 8, 2015 Interviews
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