About IFLit.net – Our Goal:

Develop a community that brings together readers and writers of imaginative fiction and nonfiction — writings “lit” by Imagination. This may include fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, fairy tales, mythology, legends, nature stories, animals, whimsy and anything that inspires or intrigues or conveys a sense of wonder.

All stories and book excerpts published on IFLit.net must be suitable for a general readership. We want our readers to have confidence about what they will find. Violent, erotic or profane material is not acceptable.

Writers Welcome

So what’s in it for writers, besides connecting with readers who already love the kind of stories you write? If you are seeking new ways to promote published books, IFLit may be helpful in the following ways:

  • Contributors are invited to add a book to our bookstore.
  • Contributors will receive a professionally-designed web page, designed specifically to assist in book promotion. I have set up my page as an example of an IFLit Author Page: http://iflit.net/author/sarah-mankowski/
  • Contributors may use the private Contributors Forum to network with other writers.
  • Contributors may share news, events and promotions in our Newsletter, Forums and Calendar.

How To Become a Contributor

To become a contributor, a previously unpublished story or article should be submitted and approved for publication. The submission form is available to all registered users on your My IFLit page  If interested, go ahead and register. Follow on Twitter. Join our Facebook Group.  I have added an IFLit group at Goodreads for members to discuss our books. This may take a little time to get organized, and so is currently set as a Private Group. I will of course approve all members.

Once you register as a member, feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions on the Forums.

A few tips about registering:

  • Usename cannot be changed. Potential contributors take note: Since Usename becomes part of the Author Page URL, be sure to give it the name or word that you want to become part of your author URL. (You can select something else for a display name.) The URL of your author page will be http://iflit.net + author + usename. It is also accessible at Usename.IFlit.net
  • Do not use your e-mail address as your Usename, for the reason given above.
  • When first you register, all you really need to add is Usename, e-mail address and password. If you plan to become a contributor, you may wish to add social links and bio.
  • Remember that Profile details are used extensively in building the Author Page and Author Box.
  • Check the Do Not Display E-mail button if you wish to keep your e-mail address private. I suggest that you do.

Premium Author Pages

Everything described above is absolutely free to contributors. However, if authors would like an Author Page without becoming a contributor, we  will offer low-cost premium pages. Books listed and promoted on premium pages must fit into the spirit of IFLit, and only contain content suitable for a general readership.

Premium Pages – Fees:

  • A one-time payment of $39 to list and promote one book.
  • A one-time payment of $59 to list and promote two or three books.
  • We charge $20 if you want us to set up the page . However, everything is explained in the Author Page FAQ, and kept as simple as possible. IFLit is designed on a WordPress framework. If you have used WordPress at all, you should find adding books and the Author Page fairly simple.
  • Please Note that the above fees are only applicable to the first ten Premium Pages. After that, premium prices may change, depending upon the amount of time and resources required to maintain the site. The first ten are locked in at the prices given above.
  • If any of this is unclear, please ask for clarification.
  • If you are interested in a premium page, do not send payment until the books you wish to promote have been approved.

We reserve the right to remove the pages of any member – Contributor or Premium – that becomes disruptive to the community.

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