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The Dragon of Tarileel, a Phantomworlds short

The Dragon of Tarileel – A Phantomworlds’ Short Story

The Dragon of Tarileel is a Phantomworlds short story that takes place about eight years before The Misfits of Kiftre Deep. At this time, Ambassador Admorc is fighting to rescue from the phantoms, a primitive planet called Tarileel. © Sarah ...
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A Tiny Silver Fish

A Tiny Silver Fish

When a tiny silver fish is caught on Annie’s hook, she is quite literally hurled into a magical world beneath the pond on her grandmother’s land. © Clover Being distracted by the many bird calls welcoming the sun rising through the ...
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My Summers With Nancy cover image

My Summers With Nancy: A Review

My Summers With Nancy By Ava Lee Holly $2.99 Kindle Edition An IFLit Review by ...
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What I Learned in Oxford: A Review

What I Learned in Oxford By Miriam Marston $5.99 (Kindle Edition) An IFLit review by ...
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The Misfits of Kiftre Deep (Phantomworlds: Book One)
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Art Of The Cube: The Rubik’s Cube Designs of Fred Holly


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